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here’s an idea: a Wizard of Oz inspired baseball musical called There’s No Base Like Home

i was just stood up for the first time tonight and  I don’t feel as much sadness or anger as I do disappointment

So I recently turned 21 recently and to celebrate my parents took me down to the casino for the buffet and for my first time gambling. Once we got into the casino I was given $10 of money to spend from the hotel for my birthday then I got another $20 from my parents to use. After about 15 minutes of playing my $10 was gone but I discovered gambling was really boring to me. So, I turned to my dad and said “Dad, this isn’t really fun for me, can I take the $20 and spend it at the second hand bookstore instead?” His face just lit up and he smiled one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen him have and he said “Ya, of course sweety.” I felt like I just made him really happy though I’m still not entirely sure why. I’d just like to buy cheap but good books rather than waste good money like that. Just a lil story for the day~

Cool now I can get the Porsche AND that house in Malibu!!!

WTF?! I liked a post where the notes were essentially broken but I was able to like it and it came up from not existing to ZERO!?!?!? How the hell does this blasted thing work!?!?!?

Me in da club




My activity spikes every Wednesday because of this post 

always reblog on a wednesday, that’s the rule.

On Wednesdays we reblog

Well there goes the porsche

Me:  Megan! I need an adult!
Megan:  You're 21 years old!
Me:  ...
Me:  ...
Me:  I need an experienced adult!